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I am writing this as an official testimonial of my experience using Extreme Coatings. I am not for hire but this product impressed me enough to take the time to do this. I work as engineer in a rubber extruding factory. Rubber is very abrasive and hard on equipment. We granulate all of our own rubber by processing it twice. This means we grind every sheet in a standard 28” granulator. Before finding out about Extreme Coatings we scheduled blade changes every 30 days in our granulators. This is a necessary but time consuming hassle to deal with to keep blades sharp. Rubber would dull the blades quickly and slow down the speed of the overall process by limiting our speed at this point in the process. When I was offered a trial of extreme coating I was not as sure about it then because I have tried so many thing to fix this problem before. When we received the blades back after they were coated the time and experience was already impressive but the results I got from the blades were amazing. For twenty years our blades have had a 30-40 day life and we now have had the same blades with the Extreme Coatings added bringing us a life span of almost 1 year. There is no way I would of believed this if I were told this before but It has really impressed our company to the point where it is a standard now. For the amount of time we now save compared to the price of the coating it is a no brainer. Obviously I am impressed or I would not take time out of my day to write this.4/21/16

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