Custom Screw Design & Fabrication

With the development of advanced polymers, feedscrew manufactures continue to produce innovative screws. Not only do these innovative designs improve screw performance and output, these new screw designs make feed screws more dependable offering firms a more cost-effective solution.

At Witak, we ensure that our clients receive the highest quality feedscrew by analyzing the design of the feedscrew in a laboratory environment prior to manufacturing the final product. Besides offering our clients with highest quality feed screw, Witak works to ensure that our client’s capital investments are maximized by carefully analyzing the relationship between price and feedscrew performance.

When working with our clients on their feedscrew needs, we work to ensure the following results:

  • Decreased cost per pound or kilogram/hour
  • Increased life of screws
  • Increased production
  • Reduced preventive maintenance
  • Improved barrel life
  • Decreases in scrap rate

If you need a custom screw design and/or fabrication price quote click on one of the links below:

Click here for an extrusion screw price quote.

Click here for an injection screw price quote.

If you have a question or you need an immediate price quote, please call Rimas at: (708) 269-3207.

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