Roll Refurbishment & Maintenance


WITAK, Inc. offers various roll refurbishment options including chrome, rubber, and Extreme Coatings. Chrome finishes include the highest optical quality surfaces as measured by state of the art technologies. We also offer matte surface finishes of various texture and surface roughness. High precision coating rolls (with either chrome or Extreme Coatings) can be ground and finished in bearings to 0.000050.

Recently, we started offering pocketed finishes that include both original and in chrome pockets. We provide clients with various finishes for their rolls. For more information regarding the different finishes available click here.

To complement our roll refurbishment process, we offer clients state of the art acid cleaning services. It is important to clear the roll’s internal flow passages and chemically remove calcified deposits from the inside of the roll’s shell. This improves the roll’s heat transfer performance and maintains maximum production line speeds.

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