Roll Custom Design and Fabrication


With over 30+ years of roll manufacturing experience, WITAK, Inc. is well-positioned to expertly assist you in the design and fabrication of your custom roll.

Custom Roll Design

WITAK, Inc. knows that the key to roll performance begins with design. We work extensively with our clients to ensure that their unique roll requirements are realized during the design stage. Each roll design is expertly analyzed for material selection, heat transfer, and mechanical strength and endurance making sure that your roll achieves maximum performance.

Before the roll is manufactured, we analyze your heat transfer inputs to design the highest performing roll. Click here to complete your roll manufacture specification sheet.

Custom Roll Fabrication

During the manufacturing phase, our quality control procedures monitor: boring, welding, machining, and grinding to ensure that a high quality finished product is delivered to the client.

We provide clients with various finishes for their custom rolls. For more information regarding the different finishes available click here.

If you have a question or you need an immediate price quote, please call Rimas at: (708) 269-3207.

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