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WITAK Inc. offers a wide range of surface finishing on rolls, mandrels, shafts, drums, and similar cylindrical components. Surfaces available include various roughnesses of precision ground rolls as well as commercial belt polished finishes. Coating options include:

Custom Chromium Finishes

We appreciate any opportunity to work with customers in the development of custom chromium finishes to meet specific requirements. We offer a wide range of roll finishing techniques including grinding, polishing, grit blasting, and shot peening—some of a proprietary nature—and we custom fit finishing specifications to individual applications. Through careful quality control, documentation of process, and state-of -the art equipment, we can reproduce uniform, repeatable, custom surface you need.


The term mirror finish can, and has been, used to define almost any smooth reflective finish. Typically, it is a measured topography in the range of 4-8 Ra, generated by commercial belt polishing techniques. Generally speaking, 4 Ra and under refers to surface finishes with higher degrees of luster and reflection generated by precision belt and stone polishing operations. If you are calendaring or casting a web or sheet product on a mirror finished, chromium plated roll, you know that the quality of the surface finish determines the quality of your product. Haze, ripples, tears or other blemishes in the chromium surface are the profit losers of the manufacturing process. Our mirror finishes meet or exceed all industry standards. We engineer to the tightest tolerances possible, and custom fit specifications to individual applications.

Optical Mirror

When calendering, heating or cooling a web such as magnetic tape, clear plastic sheeting or film, where perfection of the chromium plated surface is imperative, we offer an optical mirror finish. In the most critical of applications, the manufacture generates an optical mirror finish measured between .1-.2 Ra in surface smoothness (one tenth of one millionth). Flawless optical mirror finishes are measured to less than .5 Ra (1/2 of 1 Ra ) or, when required, less than even 2/10 of 1 Ra (two tenths of one millionth of an inch).

Matte (post blast)

created by grit blasting into a ground and polished chromium plated surface. The resulting finish is comprised of a field of sharp, jagged peaks to a roughness specification as called out by the customer. The finish is dull and gray in appearance, and is utilized when a dull or printable product is required.

Matte (pre-plate blast)

A chromium plated finish is created by grit blasting a ground and polished base metal, followed by a thin layer of chromium in the range of .001"-.002" thick. The resulting surface finish reproduces the hills and valleys of the blast, yet is somewhat slick to the feel. The surface is considerably brighter when compared to a matte finish, and can be mechanically buffed to increase luster. Satin finishes are often specified for textured snag-free applications in textile, packaging and casting.

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