About Extreme Coatings

Witak, Inc. is dedicated to solving our clients wear problems by offering wide-range of surfacing materials and extreme coatings. Our goal is to provide clients with an exact coating that solves their wear problem in ways that improve profitability.

To this end, we offer surface coatings for feedscrews, mixing rotors and tip assemblies. These extreme surface coatings are designed to hold up against higher levels of abrasion, adhesion and corrosion, and thus, maximize production and ultimately increase the firm’s profitability.

The plastic industry should know that we specialize in improving the service life and performance of plasticizing equipment components. Our industry experience has afforded us the opportunity to service more than 20,000 parts.

Finally, Witak, Inc. is always working with manufactures who are developing new and more wear-resistant products to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. One such product is High Carbon material called Kryptonite. This is a special nickel/chrome/boron alloy with a proprietary blend of Hi-Carbon and Carbides. While Kryptonite offers tremendous potential, this material cannot be machined or ground once it is applied highlighting the need for expert advice.

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