Screw Tip Valves

Witak, Inc. can supply your company with many components involved in injection and extrusion molding. We supply an array of screw tip valve assemblies, end caps, barrels, tie bars, and screws. Screw tip valve assemblies are available that are manufactured with H13, D-2, CPM 9V and several other options. Just tell us what kind of material you are running and we can match you with the right valve assembly.


The 3- piece valve design is the most common valve on the market. It is a very flexible choice for many applications. The Free Flow design allows for little pressure drop, a light shear heat generation, and an open flow path for processing heat sensitive and viscous materials.The Locking Ring design does not allow the check ring to move which helps prevent ware between the check ring and rear seat.


The 4-piece valve design consists of a retainer, a check ring, a front seat, and a rear seat. This valve option is a good choice because it is a repairable screw tip. The Ball Check valve is a solid tip with flow through channels and a ball or pin that controls the flow. The majority of the ware would show on the outside diameter of this valve.

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